Infrastructure & Facilities

The company now comprise of various workshops with various respective managers. Spread over land of 5890m², there are 12 different workshops that complete YNF engineering, MV department (895m2), fan department (674m²), transformer department (683m²), AC winding department (796m²), LPS exhauster department (435m²), an exclusive coil shop department (1038m²), machine shop department (1584m²), stripping department (995m²), AC assembly department (690m²), wheel cutting department (1012m²),  traction department (1873m²), and flame proof motor department (293m2)


YNF Engineering is well equipped to provide excellent and quality service to rail sector, mining industry, power utilities and municipalities. As a commutator manufacturer, YNF has its own balancing machine, its very own spin seasoning machinery, state of the art wheel profiling machinery, eight lathes and milling machinery. Qualified turners are employed to operate the machinery.

The company also has a well-equipped state of the art testing facility with the capacity to handle testing of motors up to 11 000V.

All of the YNF workshops are run according to, and are accredited by exacting SABS ISO9001 quality standards. As the biggest manufacturer of raw materials, minimal repair processes are outsourced, thus lead times are entirely within YNF’s control and not dependant on outsourced work to manufacturers to meet delivery times.