Brush Gears, Brush Arms and Brush Boxes


A commutator consists of a set of copper segments, fixed around the part of the circumference of the rotating machine, or the rotor, and a set of spring loaded brushes fixed to the stationary frame of the machine.

The brushes are in constant contact with the commutator. As the brush and commutator wear down, a spring steadily pushes the brush downwards towards the commutator. Eventually the brush wears small and thin enough that steady contact is no longer possible or it is no longer securely held in the brush holder, and so the brush must be replaced.

When a commutated motor or generator uses more power than a single brush is capable of conducting, an assembly of several brush boxes is mounted in parallel across the surface of the very large commutator.

This brush box and brush gears distributes current evenly across all the brushes.

YNF Engineering produces a large number of commutator components, including brush boxes, brush arms and brush gears.

At YNF engineering we are pleased to announce that we manufacture 80% of all the components in house therefore saving turn-around time and assuring the best pricing.