Black Economic Empowerment

beeYNF Engineering acknowledges the necessity of the Employment Equity Act and the Black Economic Empowerment Act. It subscribes to a policy of employment equity and empowerment, taking cognizance of diversity in broader society, this policy is based on equal dignity and respect of all people.

It was no mistake that YNF was established in 1995 as South Africa shrugged off the shackles of apartheid. The company was consciously established as a fully black owned entity to contribute to the empowerment of black enterprise in South Africa. The company fully subscribes to the policy of employment equity and empowerment and exercises this philosophy through its business practices.

The company therefore has a black female owner (100%) and was founded on the basis of the realisation by its members of the existing challenges to black enterprise.
In keeping with this policy, YNF has undertaken to support small business development (SME’s, SMME’s, EME’s). Amongst some of the small enterprises supported are CMD and DOVE. YNF has also undertaken to only trade with Level 3 accredited suppliers.


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bee_1YNF Engineering recognises that BEE and especially broad-based BEE is a national imperative necessary for sustainability. 100 % of YNF Engineering ownership is held by a black female.

A certificate in relation to YNF Engineering issued by Action Verification Agency, a BEE accreditation agency which is itself accredited under the Codes of Good Practice promulgated under the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, is also included in our supporting documentation.